Harris Letter To Corinthians

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Moreover, in (vv. 1-5) we can see Paul expounds more on a future dwelling with the Lord when one dies. Paul expounds upon the statement that the gaze of the Christian should be on what is eternal. What is found in these verses is Paul looking ahead to the resurrection which he had talked about in his first letter to the Corinthians. Here he expounds on the future resurrection again but in somewhat different language. But the thoughts are the same. “The groaning and burden associated with the present body will give way to the stability and delight of being clothed with a new body. The old body is as temporary and weak as a tent and is destined to die” (Schreiner 855). To us to understand what pail means with this means, we have to look at the…show more content…
I find out that, Harris argues several points about Paul had an “encounter with death” while he was in Asia. And this encounter changed his understanding of his death and the coming of Christ. Before this, Paul would see himself living until the coming of Christ. But because of this brush with death Paul recognized that he was not going to survive until the coming of Christ. Paul is then expressing that change of belief in this passage (Harris 174 – 184). It is important for us to notes that Paul is not writing out a systematic theology on eschatology. He just tries to communicate the truth of ministry and life to the people in his time. Paul has made a point to the Corinthians and against the false teachers in his time. I like that way Penna writes, “The mistake of the commentators has perhaps been to try to be clearer than Paul himself…Paul does not offer dogmatic solutions but rather offers only certain suggestions, opens up certain ways of looking at the at it, confirms or excludes certain perspectives typical of the Christian faith” (Penna 232). Sometime we forget what God’s purpose for calling us as ministry, and we sole focus on academic pieces of life. We must be careful not trying to find more than what the Biblical writers were saying in what they
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