Harrison Assessment Case Study

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Harrison Assessment was founded in 1990 with the purpose of helping the organization on the growing of importance in understanding the behavior of the employee and potential candidate, associating performance level with behavioral pattern (Harrison Assessments International Ltd., 2016a). The assessment is designed to identify the success rate of the job together with job satisfaction (Harrison Assessments International Ltd., 2016b). Harrison Assessment goes beyond measuring personality factors with the capability of measuring respondent engagement factors, motivation indicators, interpersonal skills and retention factors related to specific assignment (Harrison Assessments International Ltd. , 2016a; Job Test Prep, 2016b) through assessing…show more content…
The four color personality types are ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘yellow’ and ‘white’.
The ‘Red’ personality person is motivated by power. A person who likes to be in control and seeks leadership role. They are the person who strive to be the best and willing to pay the price for it with the determination in achieving on area that they focused to accomplish. However, because of their fighting spirit in nature for their personal accomplishment that leads to their downside of being egotistical, self-centered and insensitive. In order to deal with a red personality, the person need to be detailed, direct and confidence.
On the other hand, the ‘Blue’ personality person is the opposites of a ‘Red’ personality. A ‘Blue’ personality person is motivated by intimacy. The feeling to be connected with people that surrounds them are important. The blues values genuine, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and sincerity. They need to be understood and valued. They are loyal in nature towards friendship, employer and co-workers. However, at times, they can be self-righteous, gets worried easily and over emotional. In order to deal with a blue personality, the person need to be sincere, and make genuine effort in understanding them and appreciative
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The SWOT analysis consists of four quadrants, strength and weakness are influences by the internal forces, which are controllable, as oppose to opportunity and threat. A personal SWOT analysis is more complicated than it is sound but the outcome is rewarding especially in deriving personal development (Pestle Analysis, 2015).
The influencing internal factors to be consider when the assessor is determining whether it is a strength or weakness, are, the work experiences, the education background, the level of technical knowledge, the personal attributes, specific skills set and the networking broadness (Martin, 2015). The same goes for, when the assessor is determining whether it is an opportunity or a threat, the influencing external factors to be consider are, the trends in the specific field considering the globalization affect, assessing the competition intensity such as education level and the talent pool, and the general economic factors of the country considering also the unemployment rate (Martin,

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