Harrison Bergeron 2081 Analysis

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Some stories can be completely different when recreated. In this example, there are many key differences in plot and meaning. Chandler Tuttle’s 2081 is based on Harrison Bergeron, a short story, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Both narratives display a dystopian society where everyone is forced to be the same in the year 2081. Because of the 211, 212, and 213 amendments, all people are made to be equal. People are required to limit strengths like intelligence or beauty and the hindrances follow them their whole lives. These stories are about how Harrison Bergeron tries overthrowing the government with his strengths and how his parents react to the outcomes. The differences between the film and the text are pronounced despite bearing some significant…show more content…
In both scenes, one parent watches a television program of the events, but who watches changes. For instance, “Hazel turned to comment about the blackout to George. But George had gone out into the kitchen for a can of beer,” (text, 79). This is significant because although she has no handicaps, she cannot remember that her son had died after she turns to look. It shows that it will not affect her or her family because the government has made it so she can barely think. It is very notable that Hazel was the one who watched the event because it exhibits that she can still process information and feel sad about it, but it will eventually be forgotten. In comparison, George was the one to watch the television program while Hazel was washing the dishes in the film. This is unusual because George is still forced forget because of his handicap. Although in both scenarios they are sad, they simply, “Forget sad things”. This is dissimilar because though neither can remember, Hazel does not have a handicap. It makes more relative sense for George to watch in the movie because it shows the extent of the mental handicaps. The author made Hazel watch the programs because it shows how little intelligence average
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