Harrison Bergeron A Dystopian Society

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Harrison Bergeron is a dystopian science-fiction short story written by Kurt Vonnegut, which was first published in October of 1996. This short story takes place on 2081, the year in which equality had finally arrived. In this short story, all citizens are described to be equal in every aspect of life; physical appearance, physical strengths, and mental intelligence. By obtaining equality, they have lost uniqueness and freedom, which has become a negative effect on all the society. Harrison Bergeron was an amusing and interesting story to read. Vonnegut is able to demonstrate a perfect example of what a dystopian society looks like. I enjoyed how Vonnegut successfully transmitted powerful messages throughout his short story. Harrison Bergeron was not only entertaining, but it was also pleasant to read.…show more content…
Vonnegut says that if everyone is equal, unique beauty would be destroyed. Therefore the society would become lifeless and boring, now that creativity is restricted. Vonnegut is also able to demonstrate a dystopian society. In this case, he shows a society where competition is no longer allowed because the government has decided what is "normal" and what is not. In Harrison Bergeron, the lack of freedom is also acknowledged to be one of the main themes. The author uses many examples to show the lack of freedom that all citizens have. Vonnegut is able to demonstrate that freedom is something important in everyone's
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