Harrison Bergeron: A Dystopian World

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A utopian world is only a dream. All government, laws, and people would be equal in such a place. When a utopian world is trying to be achieved, it is often turned into a dystopian one. The ultimate push for perfection, with the help of science, is doomed to failure for the exactly the same reason. You cannot possibly have everyone and everything equal without any shortcomings and suffering of the people, using propaganda used to control the citizens of society, and citizens who live in a dehumanized state. In the analysis of Harrison Bergeron and The Slows, it will show that the pursuit of a utopian world is actually the exact opposite, a dystopian world. Harrison Bergeron is written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The characters in this short story are George, Hazel, and Harrison Bergeron. This story takes place in the distance future, year of 2081. The government has restored equality in the world due to a few new Amendments added to the Constitution. The enforcer of these new equality laws is being enforced by the United States Handicapper General. Equality is forced upon…show more content…
This short story’s setting is somewhere in the distant future on a preservation. The scientific accomplishment of creating a hormone that will allow children to grow into adults rapidly is introduced to the population. The Accelerated Offspring Growth hormone is given shortly after birth to allow the children to grow rapidly into independent adults. This will allow them to enjoy their life to the fullest and reproduce; thus, create multiple generations in a much shorter time frame. However, not everyone is in acceptance of giving their offspring the AOG. The upper class humans are more focused on reproducing as quickly as possible to help multiply the number of the upper class, meanwhile the Slows are left to raise their children in the way that they did in the past. Because The Slows are against AOG, a split in the population
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