Differences And Similarities Between Anthem And Harrison Bergeron

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Two Different Stories, Still a Dystopia Although Anthem and Harrison Bergeron are two different stories there are so many similarities and differences but all lead up to the same outcome, a dystopia. Now here are some ways they are mostly the same. For one in both Harrison Bergeron and Anthem they are both being controlled by some type of leader. Such as in Harrison Bergeron the people of this society are ordered to wear handicaps because everyone should all be the same, they don’t want anyone feeling less or left out because one's individuality. This shows that they are not being themselves, they are being what society wants them to be, they have no choice whatsoever. As well as in Anthem it’s not so different in this case. In this story…show more content…
Individuality is definitely the theme for both these short stories. Equality sees himself as an individual, even when he knows if he were to express that, it is frowned upon and there are consequences for those type of actions. This proves that they are against anyone being their own person. When Harrison was spoken with his opinion, he was sent to prison where he later escaped to try and attempt again to show that he does not agree with Handicapper General but is killed because of that. These stories both are satire, which is writing that mocks something to prove a point. They are placed in these stories to show the importance in individuality, and all the beauty that comes along with it. Everyone in both stories are “equal” or their idea of equal. Ayn Rand shows this in the story when everyone is told to wear the same color clothing while in Anthem they are forced to always forced into wear handicaps to hid their beauty, strength, and even their intelligence. Not only are they forced to wear certain clothing with no choice but in both stories the people are punished for just being who they are. The reason for all the same clothing just leads back to the individuality part of everything. You can see how this is a dystopia because of the way the characters have to dress, act,
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