Harrison Bergeron And The Lottery Short Story

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There are so many similarities and differences between the stories "Harrison Bergeron" and "The Lottery". But basically, in "Harrison Bergeron" everyone is equal, nobody is smarter than anybody else, nobody is better looking than anybody else, and nobody is stronger or quicker than anybody else. This is because everybody wears handicaps to make everyone equal to each other. But basically, one boy named Harrison Bergeron takes matters into his own hands and goes against the government. The government basically makes all these people wear their handicaps all the time. In "The Lottery" a lottery of sorts is run by Mr. Summers on June 27th. Everybody (grown men of a household) goes to this black box and they select a piece of paper. The paper that is selected is Mr. Hutchinson. So then Mr. Hutchinson's family is the ones that are chosen. Mrs. Hutchinson immediately starts protesting because she doesn't want anyone from her family to get stoned. Get killed by airborne stones is what that is. But it can only be one person, so they pick strips of paper and the person with the black dot on their…show more content…
One similarity is that Mrs. Hutchinson stands up for what she believes in, just like Harrison in the story, "Harrison Bergeron". Both the characters actually stand up for something they believe in front of everybody, which takes some major courage. Plus, all the people in the story, with the exception of Mrs. Hutchinson and Harrison Bergeron (maybe the ballerina in "Harrison Bergeron") participate in something. This includes them wearing the handicaps for "Harrison Bergeron" and actually stoning a person every year in the story "The Lottery". And lastly, somebody in the story does not believe in the rules. In this case, it would be Mrs. Hutchinson and Harrison Bergeron. They do not follow what everybody else follows, and they both take things into their own hands. These are the similarities of these
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