Harrison Bergeron Argumentative Essay

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Harrison Bergeron Argumentative Essay Imagine you’re in a future where everyone is equal. Yes, where people aren’t discriminated because of race, gender or religion, but also where no one was smarter, more attractive or more athletic than anyone else. Where if you were “too attractive” you had to wear a hideous mask or if your brain worked a little faster than the average brain, you had to wear enormous earpieces to make you lose track of thought. Crazy, right? Harrison Bergeron, a 14 year old boy, is considered a danger to his society. Harrison Bergeron is a danger to the society in the short story and in the movie because in the story he is portrayed as a bad person. In this essay, it will state how Harrison Bergeron is a danger to society.…show more content…
He is a genious and an athlete, is under handicapped, and should be regarded ads extreamley dangerous”(2). This is explaining how dangerous he is to the society. He is underhandicapped which means he doesn’t have the right amount of handicaps on when he escaped. Hes also considered a genious and an athlete which to them, is dangerous. Another reason why Harrison Bergeron is dangerous to their society is because he has a lot of handicaps on. When you have a lot of handicaps it means that he is good at a lot of things and that’s considered bad in everyone’s mind. The story says,” Nobody had every born heavier handicaps”(2). This means that Harrison is not only dangerous but extremely dangerous. No one has had that many handicaps ever and that makes everyone fear
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