What Is Harrison Bergeron Essay About Equality

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What is equality? Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Everyone tends to question what equality stands for and why does everyone fight for it. What people mean when they say “equality” is race, religion, and sex. The story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut gives examples of how our government created a way to represent equality to be able to stay in power. The government forced equality through beauty, strength, and intelligence instead of using equality by dealing with race, religion, and sex. They thought that if they were to give the people the equality that was protested for then the government would lose their power over the people. In the story, it starts with George and his wife Hazel watching the ballerinas on television when a buzzer sound goes off in George’s head. As Hazel says, “that was a real pretty dance, that dance they did,” and George response back “huh.” (par.7), (par.8) He response that way because he does not remember anything after that sound went off. The buzzing sound was due to a headset he wore which was only worn by anyone with a high intelligence. That was the first time that it showed how the government forced equality. Same human intelligence. George’s wife had a perfectly average intelligence to where she did not have to wear the headset. The only ones that did not wear the headset were anyone part of the…show more content…
Vonnegut is warning the people how the government will make it seem like everyone will be equal to only fool us. The government does not meet the equality that everyone has placed in their minds because they have always been in control and do not want to lose that. The idea of equality is to respect one another by religion, race, and sex so, no one is powerful than any other individual. Once the government is able to see what the people mean by equality then that is the day equality will mean
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