Harrison Bergeron Character Traits

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Harrison Bergeron the short story written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. he demonstrated different qualities in Harrison character throughout the story. He shows his intelligence, athletes and courageousness. While living in a dictated society ran by the government. That forces people to be equal and not allowed to be smarter or physical stronger than anyone else.
At the age of 14 Harrison is a very intelligent kid who gets straight A’s in school. He is looked down upon for being smart. The government tried everything they could to make him equal. They constrained him to wear earphones to throw off his thinking. They wanted Harrison to have surgery to take away his intelligence. They also assigned him to jail and wanted to fake his death to his family and friends.
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Harrison has the strength of a man. He and others are forced to be equal, but Harrison tends to stand out with everything he does. He is a handsome young man that is artistic and has a romantic heart. He has his way with the ladies.
By the end of the story Harrison had the courage to stand up for himself and wanted to destroy the government. He removes his handicap band and breaks out of jail. He wanted to run away and be free from the government dictation. Harrison ran into the television studio yelling do as I say I am Emperor and locked himself in. He is telling the people around the world that they do not need their handicap bands because they are being controlled by the government. In the middle of Harrison speech, the Handicap General arrived at the studio and killed Harrison.
Harrison Bergeron is intelligent, athletic and courage’s. He wanted to live a normal life without the government dictating people to be equal. Society was so inhibitory that no one ever questions the government. He was brave enough to question and try to stop them. He died for something that he believed in and wanted to change
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