Harrison Bergeron Comparison Essay

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“Harrison Bergeron“ by Kurt Vonnegut and the movie 2081 is directed by Chandler Tuttle. The theme of this story is that no one should be forced to be equal, since everyone is their own special person. The story describes George and Hazel Bergeron who both have different living perspectives. In the life of 2081 everyone is expected to be equal, because of this way of living George’s intelligence makes him differ from everyone else which is weighed down by earpieces that vibrate a sound. This earpiece transmitter distracts George from any thoughts that make him learn more or feel smarter. This becomes different when it comes to Hazel shes average intelligence for your normal year of 2081. Since Hazel is normal intelligence, she isnt in need…show more content…
He tried to do the best he could with what God gave him. He should get a nice raise for trying so hard.” This influences the story because it seems that because they are so equal, even if they just only try they still get credit for it. A main similarity is that people who are astute wear (0:0) handicaps and those who were idiotic didnt have to wear handicaps. This impacts the story because it shows you how different 2081 is compared to 2017 people are now expected to be equal and no one can be who they want to be, if they express themselves without following the rules they are required to have handicaps on or if they’re naturally smart, and pretty they threaten the rule of being “equal.” A other similarity is that he choose a ballerina to dance with him in the movie and the story ( 13:52) this is important to the story because they are trying to show everyone that a life without handicaps can express their true self and without performance with the ballerina they wouldnt be able to give that example to the
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