Harrison Bergeron Dystopia

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The story Harrison Bergeron depicts a dystopian world.Many people in todays society have a very strong opinion on whether we live in a dystopian or utopian world.Harrison Bergeron is an amazing representation of that. In the story the citizens that weren't average have had things done to them to make everyone equal. George has an earpiece that makes a loud sound in his ear every 30 seconds to scatter his thoughts.The ballerinas even have masks to cover there faces because they were so beautiful."She must have been extraordinarily beautiful, because the mask that she wore was hideous". In the story Harrison was smarter, stronger, and better looking than everyone. He had to be put in jail because he couldn't be made "equal". Harrison wore…show more content…
The people are always being watched, and when they see something they don't like the citizens are punished. When George and Hazel were watching tv and Harrison appeared George automatically knew who it was, but the thought was quickly erased from his mind. "The realization was blasted from his mind instantly by the sounds of an automobile collision in his head". If someone figures out what the government was trying to do or they try to remove there handicaps they are put in jail. Each citizen who has a higher then average intelligence must have it hindered. They can't use there brain to its full capability. Everyone is not treated "equally". Many people, like Hazel do not have handicaps. Hazel can use her brain to its biggest capability and George, Harrison, and everyone else with handicaps can't. "Having no handicap herself, she had ti ask George what the latest sound had been". The "average" people felt different than the ones with handicaps, maybe even jealous. "I'd think it would be real interesting hearing all the different sounds", said Hazel a little envious". Harrison Bergerons world is dystopian. The government and the H-G men thought the world was a utopia. But in the end it turned out to be a dystopia.They wanted everyone to feel equal but they
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