Harrison Bergeron, Liberty, And The Dangerous Game

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Literary Analysis Collection 1 In “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, “Liberty” by Julia Alvarez and “The Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, each author uses similar literary elements in different ways to develop their story. The three authors use Conflict, Setting and Character to develop a theme. The authors use Man vs. Man conflicts in the three stories. With these conflicts, the author tells us the antagonist opinion which is always against the protagonist. In “The Dangerous Game” The antagonist-Zaroff, tells us,” I refuse to believe………Harbors romantic ideas about human life.” That disagreement between the two characters sparked conflict in the story. The authors in these also use the setting to develop their story. All the authors put their story in a dangerous and hostile environment. In “Liberty” the story took place in Dominican Republic during the time of communism. Also at this time the narrator and her family is trying to get to America which since Dominican Republic is…show more content…
The authors use those characters to narrate to show the point of view of the character who have to solve the problem. Also, the narrators point of view show the obstacles faced to solve the problem. When the author shows you only one point of view, its much easier to get the authors point across. For instance, we never hear the side of the two men in black working for the Dominican Government. Also, we never hear the governments side about the giving the people handicaps. In conclusion, the author uses these little literary elements to develop a theme in the story. The little elements of just like where the story takes place can cause such a problem in a story. The next time you are reading, carefully read and see if your book’s setting, characters, or even the conflict itself plays a role in all stories. You will also see that over all the books you read, your author will use those elements to advantage in there
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