Harrison Bergeron Symbol Analysis

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Can you imagine being the best at everything? You are smart, athletic, and even good looking. You can’t show it though. You must wear an earpiece that will make a loud sound every 20 seconds, so that you can not think easily. You must wear weights so that you are not as advanced in the athletic department. You even wear a hideous mask so that people do not feel insecure about how they look. This is Harrison’s world in the story “Harrison Bergeron,” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Harrison would like to get rid of all this equality between the people. He tries but ends up getting killed for his actions. Vonnegut uses symbolism in his story to show the character’s motivations.

The use of handicaps as a symbol for equality is used in the story “Harrison Bergeron,” to show the characters
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They get so high they could kiss the ceiling. Their weightlessness is a symbol for them being free of having to be equal to everyone else. This is significant because Harrison had taken off his handicaps and was now free. So was the ballerina, showing that the handicaps motivated him to finish his plan and to follow through with it. The handicaps were his motivations. By taking them off, you can see that he had done what he needed to do. The handicaps motivated him to do that.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. uses symbolism to show the character’s motivations in the short story “Harrison Bergeron.” This is a significant argument because if the characters in the story had not motivations or purpose then it would be a very bland story. By including the motivations helps the reader stay involved because it allows the reader to relate to the character. It makes the reader keep reading because when they can relate they want to see what happens to
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