Harrison Bergeron Symbolism

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Art isn’t the only thing that has craft. In literature, authors use craft moves to spice up a story. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. has used many craft moves to hook the reader into his story, “ Harrison Bergeron”. This short story takes place in a futuristic timeline that is quite different than what might be expected. Instead of flying cars and robot butlers, the world is full of equality and dullness. Everyone is the same. There is no competition and special people wear special handicaps. In this world of indifference, only one man is brave enough to stand up to society and his name is Harrison Bergeron. This man alone is able to rip the heavy weights that rest on his body. He is able to take out everyone in the T.V studio that he breaks into and can…show more content…
By using curtain connotation, Vonnegut makes the reader mortified about how Harrison is being treated. Vonnegut also uses symbolism in his story to support the theme. In the story, Harrison himself stands for something. Harrison represents the spark of individuality that still exists in some Americans. When he storms into the TV studio and announces that he is the emperor, he sounds power-mad and insane(3). But when Harrison rips off his restraints and handicaps, the strength and beauty he reveals can reminds viewers that underneath their own restraints and handicaps, they too are still talented or lovely. This statement goes to show that the symbolism used in the story supports the theme. Craft is a popular move in writing. In Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. uses many craft moves. Some of these moves are dialogue, description, and symbolism. Dialogue is used to reveal context and background information. Description creates a mood and a setting. Symbolism is used to support the theme. All of these craft moves play an important role in developing an interesting and hooking story. As Vonnegut uses craft, he paints a picture for the reader to
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