Harrison Power Definition

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1. What is power?
Power is the capacity to affect the conduct of individuals through the real or threatened use of rewards and punishments. Power is also the capability to direct or influence the behavior of others.

2. What are the sources of power, according to Harrison?
According to Harrison, sources of power are tradition, charisma, and legality.

3. According to the textbook definition, would you classify yourself as currently being part of the elite or masses? Why?
I would classify myself as being a part of the elite because I am always influencing other towards positivity. Some people may think power is building something or taking over the world but power is when you have the courage to help someone. When someone feel like they want to give up, I encourage them to have a positive mentality and they will be able to conquer anything. Power starts with yourself, when you know you have the ability to do anything, get through any obstacles and keep pushing forward. I will definitely classify myself as being part of the elite.

4. If you were suddenly in a position of power outline three things you would do
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There is a huge controversy going on about this but I would make it to where it cannot happen. I know some people may be upset about this but some couples of the same sex want kids and I feel that the kids would be hurt worse. My reasoning for this is because I believe that a child should be raised in a home where his/her mother or father. If his/her parent or not together they should know they have a mother and a father, not two moms or two dads. My opinion is raising a child up in that type of atmosphere would have them confused and they will think that it is the right thing to do, which is not. Society is making it seem like a lot of things that are not okay is and I am totally against it. I am not judgmental, however, I do believe in what is
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