Summary Of Harrison Donne By Kurt Vonnegut

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what is feel like to be a hero in the society? In “Harrison Bergen” by Kurt Vonnegut, there are many reasons explain why Harrison is a Hero. First, in countless ways harrison impervious to restriction to society place on him. Second, he stand up against Government who takes away individualism. Lastly he want to be a good example to the society showing future generation about equality in the society.Therefore, Harrison is hero to his society because, he stood against knowledge and ignorance. For Instance, in countless ways harrison impervious to restriction to society place on him. In Vonnegut’s reading ,“ Harrison’s scrap-iron handicaps crashed to the floor”(page5). The author mention this to his audience because He tried to inform the society that they have been wearing handicap for addition, he try to protect the rights and justices of the society, and he was able to set himself for freedom. He accepted the society he detested. He stand up for what he believed in and was willing to die for his values and beliefs. This is one of the reason why…show more content…
In Vonnegut’s text,“Nobody was better looking than anybody else”(page1). In this case,the author consider that the society was afraid of the government. In the end of the story Harrison did what no other person would have thought of doing, such as he took off the mask, the chains, everything that the government made him wear to cover up his beauty. As well as, he was able get musician and ballerina to take off what they were being forced to an illustration, Musicians played very well after removing the handicap. This proves that he is a hero because for once he let the musicians and ballerina feel some sort kind of freedom in their life. Also he was the only one who stand against the
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