Harry Bare Case Study

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Harry Bare is an average 12 year old from Kansas he is in the seventh grade and loves basketball and his team the Rockets. But the thing his he isn’t very good. He plays the silver league with his friends ' Jack and Ralphie and they all get along because they met playing their second favorite game Pokemon go they are all walking to basketball practice when Harry’s arch nemesis Brett and his evil henchmen drove by and screamed at the three boys “You might want to walk back home! But if you don’t you might want to start crying for when I beat you tonight, See you on the court losers!” Then Jack, who has a small temper issue was enraged and started chasing Brett’s car and heaved his basketball backpack at it and hit Brett´s carbonced of into a puddle and he had to go retrieve it. When Harry Jack and Ralphie arrived at…show more content…
They rushed to halfcourt in fear of wind sprints and Coach Gunnar told them to sit down. The Coach announced that ¨3 of the 11 players on the Rockets will not be playing for us next season and this week of practice would decide who would be moved to different teams.¨ Then Brett asked ¨ Can the three players move up to different teams because I should play in the gold league not silver league with you scrubs.¨ coach replied to Brett´s boast saying ¨That is the attitude that will get moved down show some respect or we will run till the only thing coming out of that big mouth of yours will be your breath.¨ then Brett gave coach what he wanted and responded with a convicting glare said ¨ Yes coach!¨. The practice went by in a flash and it included tons of positive comments about Harry and his friends mistakes from Brett that were not meant at all but just for his own good. This is how the rest of the week went Harry and his friends were the hardest working kids on the team, but they also made the most mistakes but that made them even more determined to get
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