Harry Bliss Character Analysis

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Bliss is the novel that narrates story of Harry Joy; after his first death, his perspective to the life is completely changed with his illumination of the world’s cruelty. The protagonist, Harry Joy, has divided the society in three main groups after his illumination: Captives, Actors and those in charge. Briefly, those in charge are head of hell, who plans and organize the evil; Actors are involved in evil but they are just playing the roles and captives are the innocent-ish people like Harry Joy. Even Harry can categorize people as evil or innocent, the book doesn’t allow the reader to classify characters as ‘’bad’’ or ‘’good’’. The author adduces the character’s both bad sides and good sides. Bettina Joy, the wife of Harry, has been presented with her ambition and politicness, but with the following actions reader can see she has a caring side too. On the other side; Honey Barbara has been introduced in book with her healthy, inspiring life style; although in the following of the story, it can be…show more content…
The answer is no. First of all Bettina and Barbara both have strong female characteristics and they do not doubt to use it. At the beginning of fourth chapter; While Barbara is coming to Palm Avenue , the strong independent woman on high heels imagery or her decisive and precise answers in her speech are just a few examples of her strong character. Also Bettina knows how to make someone to do what her wants. She wanted to sell her ads; she took the advantage of Harry’s trapped in the asylum, she wanted to live in NewYork, and she is working on it. To return to the subject; these women are not passive characters, they are active, they know how to influence or make people what they really wanted. Secondly, they both lovers of Harry Joy. Bettina once a hot-shot. Barbara is still a hot-shot. They do not hesitate to use their charm and sexual
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