Harry Haft, Rocky Marciano, And Mike Theissen

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My Research Paper This paper is going to show how three people live by a quote. The quote being used is, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not you are right” (Henry Ford). This quote can be applied to multiple lives, some of which are Harry Haft, Rocky Marciano, and Mike Theissen. The first person being shown to live by this quote is Harry Haft, then Rocky Marciano, and finally the paper will show how my grandpa, Mike Theissen, lives by this quote today. These are three people that are going to be shown living or have lived by this quote. Harry Haft was a strong individual,and had been through alot in his life. He may have not been a very good fighter at first, but he had to do it to survive. “Haft was separated from his family in Nazi occupied Poland and plunged into life or death matches by his SS captors” (Kliest). He never quit even when the odds were against him, he was weak and beaten. Harry also had no choice whether he fought or not. “Harry Haft survived Auschwitz by fighting like a gladiator” (Smith).…show more content…
Marciano wanted to play a sport but boxing was not his first choice. “Failing to become a professional baseball player, Marciano turned to boxing and won 27 of his 30 amatuer bouts before he turned professional in 1947” (Randolph). Just because he failed at baseball didn 't mean he was going to quit. Rocky lost some fights as an amatuer but as a professional he was a tank. “The only heavyweight champion to retire with a perfect professional record, Marciano was undefeated in 49 fight and successfully defended his title 6 times before retiring in Apr. 1956” (Sullivan). He believed he could be great at the end of his career and he was. Even after his career ended he believe he did what he was meant to do. “Marciano did in a private plane crash on Aug. 31, 1969” (Sullivan). Marciano believed in himself till the day he died. Rocky Marciano knew he was doing the right thing after he started

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