Harry Houdini's Biography: Vicki Cobb

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Harry Houdini By: Lawrence Nadler
Harry Houdini’s Biography By: Vicki Cobb. Harry Houdini was a famous magician and he loved to do tricks. He was born on March 24 1874. He died on October 26 1926. His real name was Ehrich Weisz. Ehrich Weisz was born and grew up in the hands of Cecilia and Mayer Samuel Weisz. When he was eight he started shining shoes and running errands for money. His family started moving a lot so he didn’t go to school too much but he did learn to read and write. At the age of 14 he got a job as an assistant cutter at a necktie manufacturer using a very gutsy move. “I’d rather run a gutsy race pushing all the way and lose then run a conservative race only for a win”-Alberto Salazar. He was very athletic so he started running races and he ended up running a race he was underage for and won. They took his prize away but they eventually gave it back. At this time he started getting into magic with his friend Jake Hyman. This is when he started calling himself Harry Houdini.

He loved doing
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In 1894 they were preforming in Coney Island New York. An 18 year old girl named Whelmina Beatrice was also preforming there with a song and dance group. Harry fell in love with her and persuaded her to marry him on June 22 1894. A couple years later Harry met Martin Beck. He told him he would pay him $60 a week. Harry accepted he worked for Beck for a long time but about 13 years later he quit working for beck and started doing acts all over the world. His family was very proud and he stayed in touch with them. Bess-what he called his wife liked the acts he and she did. Harry dropped all his other acts and focused on getting out of chains, handcuffs, straitjackets, and more. He was now popular all over the world and made 100s of dollars which he used to live a life of luxury. Now every time he did an act thousands of people would come to

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