Why Do People Make Decisions

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Choices lead our lives In a sense, individuals are sentenced to make decisions. One may endeavor to deliberately "solidify" and unshakably decline to settle on decisions, however, even this technique would consider something that one has attempted. Decisions made, whether terrible or great, tail you perpetually and influence everybody in their way somehow. It is our choices that decide our encounters. The decisions we are making today will appear in our experiences later on. We take individuals to constitute an imperative piece of their identity through the decisions they embrace. In other words, we take ourselves to act naturally constituting specialists, creators of our lives. In this essay, I will demonstrate the differentiation between…show more content…
He regrets his choices such as; gambling, womanizing, drinking and not writing who he was, and what he has experienced during his adventurous life. Harry chose to live a hedonistic lifestyle, at the expense of his ethical and professional obligations. Everyone should aim to increase their pleasure, but few can do so by only concentrating on their inner selves. “It is the creed … of the nobility of the pursuit of pleasure-seeking. However, even the most selfish hedonists face the problem of how to balance their pleasure (for example, eating cream cakes) against their own later pain (for example, feeling a bit sick).” (“Hedonism” 1). Harry had the freedom to choose that way of living, but he was not free from the after effect of his choices. This lifestyle prevented him from his “obligations” as a writer. Among others, Harry witnessed Greco-Turk war, while he was a reporter. He remembers Bulgaria: the…show more content…
He wakes up, occupies his time in a café nearby and his apartment. Friends visit, and they leave. The next day he gets up again, eats, goes to work, comes back home, and sleeps. This routine day by day. However, many can refer to this lifestyle, nevertheless most of us have goals, purposes, and significance in life. On the other hand, Meursault is different, he is portrayed as someone who fills his days with basic redirections while decimating all importance and significance of each action. He does not seek for purpose and meaning in actions he takes, since these concepts are unfamiliar to him. He does not have a reason for choosing something, over something else. He does not engage sentiments or thoughts that many people appreciate, enjoy and gladden. This character describes best the idea of the Absurd. “Humans cannot avoid wondering about life, and its meaning, since that is how we are. However Camus says that, there is no answer for this question. In between the question, Camus states, does life have a meaning, and the answer is silence, it lies The Absurd. It is something so strange and so bizarre that it defies that definition.”(Class notes Nov.2016)….. Meursault uses simplistic, and casual dialogue from the beginning of novella, therefore he does not reflect any vantage, does not contemplate about religion, soul, or the universe. Albert Camus presents to the reader a character with day by day
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