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“Drop the money!” “Give being me the bags!” Harry Longabaugh was an infamous train car crook. He grew up in Mount Clare, Pennsylvania. Born 1867, his parents were Josiah Longabaugh and Annie Longabaugh. He also had a brother S.G. Longabaugh who wasn’t an infamous outlaw unlike Harry. Before he became an outlaw, when he was 14 he got a job at his cousin 's ranch in Cortez, Colorado. After a giant blizzard that wiped out his cousin 's ranch he turned to a life of crime. There isn 't too much known about Harry 's family but when he was 15 years old he left his family for good and moved out forever. Once he left his home he earned name in Sundance, Wyoming by stealing a horse and was captured for the first and only time in his infamous life. Now stealing a horse in the 1800s was a big deal because they were like cars and meant a ton to people. He was then released 2 years later in 1889 and for only one year he was an honest cowboy, but that didn’t last for long Soon enough now 1890 Harry was back to his criminal life, this time not stealing a horse. Now he was robbing banks and raiding train cars. He then joined a gang called The Wild Bunch which consisted of the Ben Kilpatrick, Butch Cassidy, Harry Tracy, and Harvey Logan. Harry Longabaugh and Butch Cassidy had a really good friendship when they were in the Wild Bunch. Their…show more content…
No police were able to stop The Wild Bunch. So the Union Pacific Railroad hired Pinkerton National Detective Agency to find the gang and have them arrested. The Wild Bunch now knew that this was the end of the line. The Wild Bunch now split up, but Butch and Harry’s friendship never ended. They both moved out of North America into South America with Harry’s new girlfriend. So, Butch and Harry moved into Argentina to become farmers. Of course just like before that didn’t last long at all. Soon they were back to there no good doings. After all they did they were finally had an ending. During a shootout they were killed by Soldiers in

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