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Stories are some of the best parts of being alive; they make us laugh, cry, be angry, and feel many other emotions. Stories have even kept history alive by the repeated tellings of them before we had the written word. Now, the forms of stories in the written word are more booming than ever between new authors constantly popping up and the convenience of online reading. With all of the choices to decide on, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint what is a “good” book. In reality it is many different aspects to make a good book, but there are some that are the most important. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling demonstrates a great plot, developing characters, and makes the audience feel deeply, therefore they are the best pieces of work ever written.…show more content…
After being rejected by seven publishers J.K. Rowling finally was able to get her masterpiece out into the world in 1997 which has now become one of the most famous and loved book series of all time. Harry Potter is also the best book series ever written, because it meets all of the criteria of a good book. Throughout all seven books the readers feel a multitude of emotions. Each book brings about new situations and experiences that readers will never go through, but feel as though they have. Also, there is no doubt that in each and every book there is always a path clearly laid out for the reader to follow; each book has a new adventure to be conquered and lessons to be learned. Throughout the stories as Harry grows in his knowledge of wizardry we learn too, but we also learn about life and have great wisdom bestowed upon us. All of the stories told throughout the series have a great ending, but running through all of them leads to the final book and ending point. It is in the last book where the readers have all of their heartbreak, anger, love, and victory fulfilled. The ending of Harry Potter is a magnificent one that cannot be matched. While Harry Potter is a great book series, there are many others which may be more well deserving of the title. There are hundreds of classics with great authors behind them which are extremely good, but very few are relatable. Other books have received scores of awards, but no one actually wants to read them today. Harry Potter is modern enough, it captures people’s attention, and it relates to people of all ages on a personal level. Children can grow up with Harry as he does, and parents can relay the stories to their kids because it came from their
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