Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Analysis

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Harry potter and the cursed child is the best book in the entire saga. This is story about Harrys kids well mainly one kid Albus Severus potter the second child of harry potter. This goes through albus’s schooling at Hogwarts as he deals with being different than every other student except one which happens to be Malfoys child Scorpius he is a very smart gifted child.

But this is mainly about how Albus and Scorpius are trying to go back in time and change a mistake that changes how the entire world is and things in this new world are entirely different and they need to change it back so this is a story on how they get into this mess and how they get themselves out of this mess.

Warning: Spoilers and Discussion of Essential Plot Elements Follow
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They also go to the place that Cedric Diggory died and try to stop it but it doesn’t turn out to well and they almost died Albus breaks his arm and it didn’t change what Cedric did.

Protagonists, the main protagonist is Scorpius he is what gives albus his strength and keeps him from going over the border of bad and good. Harry is another protagonist because he wants what’s best for his son and has shown that throughout the entirety of the story. Another protagonist is albus’s mother Ginny wheesley she inspires her son and helps him with his school work.

Antagonist, an antagonist of the story is lord Voldemort he is basically the reason everything is the way that it is he is the key to killing all of everything. The main antagonist though is his daughter she wants only to save her dad and kill harry potter so she could have grown up with her father like a normal girl and not have to worry about being home schooled.

Conflict, a conflict is when albus is trying to steal a time turner from the minister’s office who happens to be Hermione granger and the book shelf its hiding in is a magical trap and you have to do like a pattern to get the time turner its weird but another conflict is fighting Voldemort’s daughter at the end of the
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But harry and albus are like the a team and beat them senseless.

Falling action, is the time when they go to the past and harry and albus beat Voldemort and his daughter like the a team wrecking their lives and saving Harrys and albus’s then stopping the world from going to shit and saving every person in the world from the reign of Voldemort. Voldemort’s daughter is like totally crazy and total legitness and can fly and shit its awesome I don’t know what I would do with those powers.

Resolution, the resolution of the story is when harry and albus beat up Voldemort and his daughter in like a tag team duel gone wrong where Voldemort and his daughter can fly and harry and albus don’t even have broom sticks its really bad but they conquer and kill Voldemort and his daughter.

Denouement, the ending of the story is albus going back to school as a fourth year and his dad and mom finally accepting him on who he is and it’s all really sweet and they wish him off and he takes the train to Hogwarts and saves the day countless times over just like his dad before he graduates
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