Harry Potter And The Extraordinariness Of The Ordinary Summary

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A) History of Magic (Word Count: 170 ) Roni Natov explains why including the ordinary in a story of magic is important in the article “Harry Potter and the Extraordinariness of the Ordinary. It is pointed out that the Harry Potter series is based in reality, unlike other fantasy novels which take place in another world. This allows the series to address many events that children go through. Harry Potter represents what all children feel, that the world is unfair, in an extreme way. He is able to overcome the unfair and dark situations with his supernatural powers, while remaining an ordinary boy. Natov explains that Harry is an ordinary student and is not extremely insightful, but chooses to be brave. He tackles emotional challenges just like…show more content…
It is definitely true that children feel unacknowledged and unappreciated, but these are feelings that a lot of adults experience as well. I understand that the connection between Harry’s unfair situation and children’s emotions is stronger, but I think that adults can both remember those emotions as children and connect them to their lives as adults. The connection may differ due to maturity level, but I do think is a relatable aspect for both children and adults. C) Divination (word Count: 161) This article was very different from Ostry’s article. Ostry argued that Harry’s ordinary qualities means that being a hero is left to chance. Natov argues that Harry’s ordinary qualities make him real, which in turn, makes him relatable. If people can relate to the hero in the story it can give them hope that they can also make a difference. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has many moments people can relate to. Everyone can remember a time when they had been yelled at for a wrongdoing, and Ron lives through the embarrassment of receiving a Howler containing the furious voice of his mother. The response to Harry and Ron stealing the car could have been positive, and they could have been praised for their quick thinking and bravery. Instead, they were punished for their foolishness. People can also relate to acting on a belief they thought was right, and find out later that it was not a good

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