Harry Potter Argumentative Essay

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“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights”. To many this quote is monumental. These words come from one of the most popular series of books in this time period; one that has defined this generation. What would it be like now if those books were never written? There would be many differences in “Generation Z,” and many parts of it that wouldn’t even exist; magic wouldn’t be as marvelous and wondrous. Others feel the opposite when approached about the series and some even take it as far as to try and get the series banned from their children's schools. The question is-why? Why is this book series so morally and religiously offensive? There are some that speculate that the use of witchcraft…show more content…
Alongside it comes “Of Mice and Men,” “The Chocolate War,” and “The Catcher in the Rye.” (American Libraries) These books have been challenged for a number of reasons; the language used, it’s deemed inappropriate for the age-group, or it’s offensive to a religion. The main reason Harry Potter seems to be challenged is it’s therefore lack of religion. Many of the challengers seem to interpret the use of magic more as a promotion for wiccanism and less as the wondrous make believe world that this generation sees it as. Wiccan beliefs dictate no high authority or leader or a “Bible” with set rules and beliefs. It is a very free belief which leaves the people to dictate how they feel and what they choose to respond to. There are different groups of believers-or “covens”- that may not share the same views as another group in a different area and that's perfectly okay in their “religion”. (George Knowles) Many people believe that Wiccanism is evil worship but there are different interpretations. What wiccanism is really is a belief in nature and protection of the earth. Most believe in the power of three which dictates that what “goes around,” comes back times
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