Harry Potter Character Analysis

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The voice that Harry hears is an incident which helps identify his another characteristic. When Harry hears the voice ‘’Time to kill’’ (Rowling 137), he follows his instinct to prevent any harm. This event also shows his protection sense and J.K Rowling continues to develop his this characteristic. Harry’s instinct tends to do good things and prevent any evil which can occur, but Harry doesn 't understand the source of that voice, at first. This lack of understanding becomes a disappointment for Harry. However, he later comes up with a solution with the helps of his friends, instead of asking for a help who is more mature and wise, such as Dumbledore. Also, this attitude shows Harry’s maturity. Many characteristics of Harry Potter are enforced throughout the book by the author. One of the further development of Harry Potter’s character can be seen when Tom Riddle’s diary goes missing. Harry decides that he and his close friend Ron are to talk with Hagrid about the circumstance, although Harry doesn 't believe that its Hagrid. I think, this is a significant scene because generally Harry doesn 't do bad things and breaks the rules. Harry has never a problem to grab what is right or wrong. However, sometimes he breaks the rules to achieve his purposes when the issue is about his friends, beloved ones and even Hogwarts. So that, Harry doesn 't hesitate to do what he believes and whatever it takes to do. As an example of this, Harry goes to the forest which is forbidden and
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