Harry Potter Fairy Tale Theory

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ntroduction and thesis statement

This research will focus on the Fantasy and Fairy tale theory ( Nikolajeva, 2006 ) and the book Harry Potter and the half blooded prince. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the book by using the Fantasy and fairy tale theory. Moreover, the analysis will also take a closer look at how Harry potter conforms to an actual fantasy protagonist.

Method and material

Fantasy and fairy tale are used in several ways to categorize a story in which the following terms are profitable,

Ontological: The branch of metaphysics that learns about the nature of existence. For instance, topics such as space, time ,cause , effect, existence and possibility could include in
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For example, Harry Potter and the half blooded prince was considered the darkest of her books. Especially, when a major character died and Harry found love for the first time.Consequently, the record set changed the novel landscape forever due to events that delivered maturity to the wizard world. As of today, Rowling is one the richest people in Britain with a predicted wealth of one billion.

Although , she is a fortunate person today that does not mean she was a wealthy person during her teenage years. Rowling spent most of her teenage years unhappy specifically, when her home life was complicated by her mother 's illness and a strained relationship with her father , that she did not speak to at all. Due to the struggling years as teenager , Rowling developed the character Hermione on herself at the age of
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Thereafter. Harry and Dumbledore leave their Hogwarts to destroy Merope’s locket , thus making one step closer to mortal. In order to overcome variety of traps and challenges, Dumbledore drinks a potion and fights voldemort’s inferi.Soon after Harry and Dumbledore rush to the tower. When they arrive, Dumbledore freezes Harry meanwhile he is hidden under his invisibility cloak. draco arrives to the scene to threaten Dumbledore’s life. Dumbledore stalls Draco and tells him that he is not a killer, as a result snape pushes his wand and kills Dumbledore. As a consequence, Harry’s spell is broken and he is also devasted due to the loss of a headmaster. He also tells his friends that he has no intention to return back to

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