Harry Potter Hero's Journey Analysis

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In this essay, I will use two separate parts to illustrate the relationship between this film and mythology. The first part is the hero's journey of Harry Potter, the protagonist of this film, and the second section is how the archetypes in the movie relating to each other.

There are a bunch of movies and novels that fit into hero's journey, which is an idea from Joseph Campbell. In fact, every separate movie in J.K Rowling's series of Harry Potter followed a small hero's journey, and the whole series also followed a big hero's journey. But I will be focus on this particular movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in this essay.

In the beginning of this movie, the author used three steps as herald to build up the call for hero's journey. First came Harry's dream of seeing the images of Lord Voldemort and his two servants, and that made Harry wonder what the dream meant. Following was the disaster in Quidditch World Cup, and of course Harry linked this massacre with his dream unconsciously. While these two calls were not strong enough to push Harry to his adventure. Thus here came the Triwizard
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They were also the ego and shadow in the entire Harry Potter series. First, we could focus on Harry, the ego. We can see that Harry absolutely had traits of hero--brave, clever, and full of sympathy. Whereas, he still had imperfect parts. For instance, his was a little brash that he would shout to his friend who misunderstood him. Sometimes he was too clinging to his own opinions that he didn't believe others word and leaving alone other's advice. Besides, he didn't manage the spell as well as Hermione or Cedric, not as wise and seasoned as Dumbledore, and even not as strong as Hagrid. But it was those shorts of Harry making him to go on his journey and to be a greater wizard, or a more complete
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