Harry Potter Literature Review

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The writings of J.K. Rowling, namely the Harry Potter series, has proven itself to be very popular with persons of all ages. These novels provide a fantasy outlet for imaginative individuals, but also has many hidden mature themes throughout the novels. One of these themes is stereotyping and hatred directed towards certain groups of people. "Muggles" galore, these novels address the issue of prejudice that full-blood magicians have towards the groups of individuals that seemingly different from themselves.
The researchers of a reducing prejudice article address the question: Does the reading of the Harry Potter novels improve attitudes towards stigmatized groups such as homosexuals, immigrants, refugees, etc.? The researchers address this question with one experimental intervention with elementary students and two cross-sectional studies with high school and university students. During these three studies, the researchers attempted to determine if the students showed signs of identification with the main positive character or the main negative character. The results of these studies indicated a relationship between reading the novels and improved attitudes towards the stigmatized groups. It was also revealed that applying perspective in role-taking and how it also helped to improve attitudes of stigmatized groups.
One strength of the research that the study conducted was the observation of three different age groups: elementary, high school, and university students.

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