Harry Potter Hypothesis

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The main aim of my junior thesis is to analyse the contemporary situation of the popularity concerning Harry Potter films and book series. The side aim of my junior thesis is to investigate the preference, attitudes and opinions of respondents regarding the life story of Harry Potter. The next partial aim is to explore the impact Harry Potter have had on people. For the sake of acknowledging my partial aims and the main aim I have decided to compromise a questionnaire for several groups of respondents. According to my preset aims of my experiment, I have chosen a combination of a cognitive, descriptive and causal research. The cognitive research has accumulated primary and secondary information.
The descriptive research helped me to bring closer the story of Harry Potter for the future readers of my thesis. By the realization of the causal research I will try to verify the stated hypotheses.

1 Hypothesis : Popularity of Harry Potter is still presen, with its centre in the age category of 18 to 25.
2 Hypothesis : Harry Potter generation is the term to which people from all the age categories refer equally.
3 Hypothesis : Harry Potter is the utmost popular book series in the genre of witchcraft and wizardry, represented as the opinion from all the age
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We can presumtivably say that schools I was handing out the questionnaire in were more occupied by females than males at the time. The questionnaire was distributed throughout social media, too. The fact that more females have completed the questionnaire did not surprise me. The reason is that my close friends are mainly females. Those females were more likely to share my questionnaire on their social media profiles. From the total 817 participants, 370 were contacted in
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