Harry Potter Should Be Banned

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The Banning of Harry Potter: Right or Wrong?
The banning of books is a must most of the time, but banning a children’s book? Whenever they may not be what people make them out to be. The book I’m most astonished to see on a banned book list is the ever so popular Harry Potter series. By examining that this book is a fantasy, Harry is a hero, and that the message has nothing to do with why it was banned, it is clear that Harry Potter should NOT be banned. I have found sources that tell the reason this series is banned. Would you agree? Or would you keep this fantastic children’s fantasy book on the shelves? Deji Olukotun wrote the article The Banning of Harry Potter of which the main idea Harry Potter should be banned for certain age groups, but not for everyone. Vicky, a fifth grader, talks about a permission slip for children under seven to read. This article also talks about the story being a fantasy
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Why? The religious reasoning for banning the book has nothing to do with the message the book gives to readers. The message is to always have hope and never give up. The books even mention the wizarding school letting the children out for Christmas break, and talks about Harry and Ron celebrating at Hogwarts. Which gives reasoning to think that these “wizards” are Christians. Also Harry is going to break the rules. Yes he’s going to lie. He’s not going to listen to the instructions of the Professors either. Because if he did he wouldn’t be a hero. If he ran away every time the Professors told him too he wouldn’t be able to save people. What hero doesn’t break rules? All these banners of Harry Potter need to remember that this is not a real story. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hogwarts none of it exists. It was all in J.K. Rowling’s head and I’m pretty sure she’s not a witch/wizard. So the next time you hear of someone wanting to ban the books. Bring up these reasons. It might just change someone 's
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