Harry Potter: The Negative Impacts Of Banning Books

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Did you know that one of the most popular series in the world, “Harry Potter”, was banned because of witchcraft? Believe it or not, banning these books is causing more harm than good. Banning books needs to stop because of the potential negative impacts that accompanies the banning of books. The petitions and requests to ban a book usually happens because a certain group of peoples’ views counteract with what the book is discussing. This causes library, teacher, group, or bookstore to consider banning books because of possible concerns. But, this does not only take away the book for one group of people, it takes the book away from everyone, even those who would benefit from reading it. Banning books is bad because banning violates people's civil rights, limits the opportunity for adolescents to learn vicariously, and reduces the readers exposure to…show more content…
Banning books is not acceptable because it’s not allowing the reader the choice of what they want to read and that is going against their civil rights. It also keep them from broadening their horizons because they do not have the ability to step into another person’s shoes and learn from their mistakes. Keeping controversial topics out of the spotlight causes people to be uneducated about specific topics, which also leads to judgement and stereotyping of certain groups or people. How does banning books cause more harm than good? Well, banning books destructs the general well being of people;from someone not being able to have control over what they want to read, to keeping people from the best overall learning experience, and to not discussing real topics that need to be talked about. In the end, this only causes harm to people and their lives. Banning books is one of the most horrible ways of legal control over others and should never be allowed
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