Harry Potter's Dream Theory

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As human imagination plays a big role in our understanding of the real world. Our truth and fancy visions takes part in shaping up the believes, opinions and the way we picture the universe around us. We live in two unfamiliar world’s, one of them contains rational, real and reasonable facts and the other one is created by our own illusions and thoughts that can’t be accepted in the terminology of the logical nature. In Harry Potter J.K Rolling challenges the reader by breaking up the imagination and the uncanny ideas, claiming our fears abstractedly that build an image inside every one of us. To start out with a comprehensible interpretation of the “uncanny” and “unhomely” text according to Sigmund Freud’s theories, we will explore J.K Rowling’s…show more content…
The dream of Arthur weasley that Harry Potter had when Weasely was guarding the door of the Department of mysteries, for the order of the phoenix, suddenly he felt asleep and was attacked by the snake of Voldemort. During that day Harry Potter dreamed about this while he is sleeping and he was able to sight this happening from the relation that he had with Voldemort. When Harry woke up he asseverates that the vision he had on his dream was real. Harry Potter went to Dumbledore’s office trying to explain what he saw but as he was frightening and confused while he was telling Dumbledore about his dream and didn’t use proper language. As Sigmund Freud argues in the book page 821 in the text of “The means of representation in dreams” “when the whole mass of these dream thoughts is brought under the pressure of the dream-work, and its elements are turned about, broken into fragments and jammed together- almost like pack-ice the question arises of what happens to the logical connections which have hitherto formed its framework. What representation do dreams provide for ‘if’, ‘because’, ‘just as’, ‘although’, ‘either-or’, and all the other conjunctions without which we cannot understand sentences or speeches?” The theory of speech was represented in Harry potter and we can sense the broken fragments and the conjunctions that were happening in his sentences while trying to explain the
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