Harry Robinson V Seaway Volkswagen Case Brief

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William A. Flores BUL – 5332 FACTS: Harry Robinson and his family decided to move from Massena, New York, a small town on the St. Lawrence Seaway to Tucson, Arizona. Kay was driving the 1976 Audi 100 LS that she and Harry bought from Seaway Volkswagen in Massena to Tucson, Arizona when accident transpired just a few miles outside Tulsa County in Creek County, Oklahoma. A car behind them crashed into the rare side of the Audi and immediately started a fire in the area over the back seat after they got hit. The blazed spread quickly over the rare seat, and the inside of the car got rapidly hot. The result of the accident was so severe physically and mentally for Kay and her two children. Both of their children suffered first and second degree burns but Kay had the most horrible burns since she was the last person came out of…show more content…
ISSUE: Whether World Wide Volkswagen and Seaway Volkswagen applied the Oklahoma two long-arm jurisdiction statue that permitted its court to exercise jurisdiction over nonresident defendants. HOLDING: Oklahoma Supreme Court in confirming the Oklahoma statue offers for the jurisdiction against Seaway Volkswagen and World-Wide Volkswagen since the product manufactured is being distributed and sold can anticipate the possibility use in Oklahoma. Evidence offered that the car driven by the Robinson were driven in the State of Oklahoma which result to obtain significant revenue from the automobiles that petitioner manufactured which from any given time are driven in the State of Oklahoma. The Supreme Court of United States Supreme Court reversed the decision of Oklahoma federal appeal courts that Seaway and World-Wide had a valid arguments that the State of

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