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Summary- Harry Sandwith is a 16 year old English boy. He is sent to live in France with the Marquis de St. Caux who is the brother of a man his father knew. The marquis believes with Harry’s schooling history he can influence and become friends with his two sons. Harry thinks he will get bigger opportunities when he moves to France and joins the British army. In 1790 Harry sets off for Paris. While living with the family in France the French Revolution begins to worry the Cox family because they support the King and Paris. After the royal family fails to flee Paris the St. Caux family moves to Paris to support the king and avoid the growing chaos of the peasants living in the countryside. After moving to Paris an order of events start to happen after an arrest warrant is ordered for all the members of noble families. With so much chaos and trouble will the family make it out alive? Main Character Harry Sandwith is a 16 year old English boy. Englishmen are known to be very independent. Because he…show more content…
The Revolution abolished monarchy and replaced it with a republic. It was a period of social and political chaos. The cost from the American Revolution and the expensive spending from King King Louis XVI left France close to bankruptcy. The spending left many peasants and urban poor with little to nothing to eat. The purpose of the French Revolution was to help solve the financial problems of the government. Afraid that they would overthrow the revolution, many royal families, upper class, and lower class men were killed. The Reign of Terror The Reign of Terror was from September 5, 1793 to July 27, 1794 during the French Revolution. The Revolutionary government decided to take harsh measures against people they thought were against the Revolution. Many executions happened in Paris after the decision. During this period at least 300,000 suspects were arrested and 7,000 people were
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