Harry The Dirty Dog Analysis

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“Harry, the dirty dog” was written by Gene Zion; it was illustrated by his wife Margaret Bloy Graham and published by HarperCollins in 1956.
Harry, the protagonist of this story also appears in many other titles of this author as they are “No Roses for Harry!”, “Harry and the Lady Next Door” or “Harry by the Sea”. But this author also has other books also known as “The Sugar Mouse Cake”, “The Meanest Squirrel I Ever Met” and “The Plant Sitter”.
This book is properly for readers from 6-7 years old. This storybook is perfect for beginning ESL students because the theme is familiar for them and also the purpose of this, which is none other than entertain children during the reading process and in an indirect way the author is trying to teach
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For example, many students will have dogs at home and know their hygiene habits, their tastes for walks or water, etc. Relating the text to them will produce a better understanding of the information; they will be more interested in learning new words and will be able to decode new words thanks to the context and background knowledge. In this way, readers understand that there is a cause and therefore an effect. This is another similarity between the text and the reality of the…show more content…
For that reason, one afternoon before his family gave Harry a bath, he decided to run away to avoid the shower time. During his walk, he was so happy because he could spend the day playing, digging, and throwing the soil of the garden and therefore, in short, getting dirty everything around him also Harry gets so really dirty. But when Harry decided to come back home, he looked like a tidy dog, a black dog with some white spots making that his family can't recognize him. As Harry wanted his family would recognize him again, he finally accepted having the
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