Harry Truman Position

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Position of Truman
During the Korean War, Harry Truman had a very delicate situation to balance. First and foremost, Harry Truman’s initial attitude , which was reflected through American policy at the time, revealed a struggle to balance the need to address the issue of communistic influence with a hesitancy due to the possible implications that taking aggressive militarial action could have for the US. In his statements, one being the Truman Doctrine, “Truman made it clear that his actions fell within the measures recommended by the United Nations, and reminded ‘all members of the United Nations’ to ‘consider carefully the consequences of this latest aggression in Korea’ and that America ‘will continue to uphold the rule of law.’ “
From Truman’s perspective, the most crucial strategic element for resolution was balance. Such balance, as would be proven later on, would be something that General Douglas MacArthur was incapable of achieving. Indeed, the consequences for over-invasive and intense actions were extremely valid. Intense military action, if perceived by Russia and it’s allied nations as
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The regimes, reforms, and attacks that MacAurthur proposed, all which worked to impose a leftist democratic system, were “ ‘perhaps the single most exhaustively planned operation of massive and externally directed political change in world history’ “ . These actions were in complete disregard for Truman’s intentions, and became detrimental to his original plans (despite the result of the war, Truman’s original agenda had to change). Because of MacArthur 's actions, and its subsequental consequences, Truman had to get George C. Marshall to create a temporary truce, further proving that non-aggressive action is what the situation
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