Harsh Times: Life For African Americans During The 1930s

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Harsh Times Lives for African Americans were difficult. From separation to slavery African Americans endured a lot during the 1930s. There were people that made it either easy or hard for African Americans. There were people that stood up for African Americans. There were others who tried to make it harder on African Americans. Life was hard for some African Americans in the 1930s. During the 1930s blacks and whites were separated. In schools black children and white children were separated. Water fountains, classrooms, and bathrooms were places that had segregation. With the segregation also came punishments for those who did not follow the rules. During the mid-1930s NAACP took the schools to court because of the schools segregation. This didn’t work out until one year later the court made the schools stop segregation. Work was different for blacks and whites. With the New Deal it first created CCC. CCC created jobs that were to build better citizens with vigorous and discipline work. The policy didn’t do so well with its nondiscrimination policy. With work came payment but more for whites and less for the blacks. In the public blacks and whites were separate in stores, buses, and even benches. If the blacks didn’t listen they were punished badly.…show more content…
If the slave owner was actually nice he or she would treat the slaves better than others. Some slave owners were plain evil and harsh. Slaves tried to escape some got away but some met their doom. Even though some got away your owner you catch you and bring you back. You had to work out on searing hot days. If you don’t work you don’t get paid and you get beaten. Blacks and whites were paid different white got more blacks got less. No matter how hard blacks worked white still got more. Some companies tried to stop unfair payment. Some companies even had nondiscrimination polices so equal pay was

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