Harshita Kothamasu: The Injustice Of Women

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Women Injustice
Harshita Kothamasu
Have you ever stopped and really thought about why stereotyping, influences our perception of how people are supposed to be? Or how even in an advanced society being a minority still isn’t the best thing in the world? Not being able to express who you are in confidence, afraid that someone is judging you and telling you that what you are doing is wrong is taking away freedom of expression, and it is unjust. Women throughout history have been treated unfairly because of gender and are treated like objects rather than human beings. The limits of what Injustice is does not just extend to the law but what is considered unjust on a daily basis such as verbal and physical abuse and gender inequality towards women.
Domestic violence and abuse can
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Discrimination is the treatment of a person based on prejudice and biases. For example, speaking up for women’s education under a Taliban Regime that spoke against women going to school, Malala Yousafzai got shot in the head and neck and lived. After miraculously living Malala became a symbol for the struggle of rights of girls and women across the globe. She spoke up and said “Even if I am a girl, even if people think I can’t do it, I should not lose hope” (Yousafzai). Women of the world believe it or not aren’t treated fairly. In some regions of the world women aren’t worth much neither capable of doing anything. We hear many cases of woman around the world being deprived of their rights around the world and forced to be nothing but objects or trophies that men “win”. Being judged on unrealistic expectations, and not being heard based on
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