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4.1 Introduction

This chapter presents and discuss all results obtained from this project. A total of 50 Harumanis Mango from Harumanis Greenhouse in, Kangar, Perlis were used and the weight of the Harumanis Mango were monitored and analysed from 30 DAFB to 94 DAFB. The growth of Harumanis Mango was measured in three interval days which were 3, 5 and 10 days interval. The relationship of the DAFB and the weight of the Harumanis Mango was plotted using MATLAB software and the plotted data were fitted using different equations and the best fit equation was identified.

The evaluation of the Harumanis mango fruit weight were done by analysed the trend line from the collected data. All the 3, 5 and 10
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All the distributions were established using the MATLAB software. The reason for the apparent skew of the distributions lies partly was because the fact that the small mangoes tend to drop prematurely. Moreover, harvesters tend to throw away very small mangoes or eat them on the spot, as they have no economic value (Spreer & Müller, 2011). 50 Harumanis Mango were used throughout this 64 days but some of the mango tend to drop before they are fully…show more content…
The fruit weight can be estimated using cubic fit equation. After 94 DAFB, no further significant fruit growth was measured as the fruits were harvested early which was before the fruit growth reaching the constant weight. The final mean of fruit weight was 458.47 ± 1.46 g.

4.6 Average Growth for 3, 5 and 10 Interval

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