Harvard Extension School Admission Essay Sample

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Throughout my years of attending various colleges, I have never come across a joint degree program that matches Harvard Extension School’s. For many years, I have searched high and low for a cross-cultural liberal arts education that encompasses all aspects of business and collegiate studies. The joint degree presented by Harvard Extension School is an epic innovation to Ivy League academics. It magnificently exemplifies how monumental the options are for professionals in the 21st century. There are innumerable reasons as to why I want to pursue a joint degree at Harvard Extension School. A few of these reasons include the incomparable quality education, devoted faculty, personable support, global perspectives, international community integration, and unrivaled research in many fields. Harvard Extension School has an upstanding repute for…show more content…
The worldwide recognition and impact is unsurpassed. The personal, academic, and professional opportunities for Extension School graduates are beyond measure. Without reservation, in order to uplift and take part in the progression of society, achieving educational objectives and career aspirations are a fundamental apparatus. After much exploration and examination of Harvard Extension School, I have determined this institution as the most favorable learning facility for me. I trust that by receiving my education through the Extension School, I will further cultivate and implement compassion, loving kindness, and altruism. I truly believe that Harvard’s quality education creates knowledgeable individuals with a cohesive understanding of complexities and intricate ideologies. By utilizing this brain power and knowledge, I hope to formulate and facilitate progressive development and services for oppressed communities. This will perpetuate in improving oppressed communities, school systems, health
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