Harvest Valley Bathroom

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Sometimes this can be a crappy place to work—literally. (One of Curtis’ many nonessential facts was sharing that “taking a crap” came from the name of the inventor of the toilet.) It’s not uncommon for students to take out their rage in the bathroom, often leaving the facilities in a sorry state. The annals of Harvest Valley lore have provided some disturbing bathroom epics. Many students have engaged in fireman fantasies (Gulliver) and hosed the place down. On an even more revolting note, some creative students have used their feces as finger paint. Grand experiments involving toilets and multiple rolls of paper have been a frequent favorite.
The Harvest Valley Bathroom Board has been developed as a practical protocol that has proven
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Yes, it’s a pain to have to inspect, sign in, and inspect again for every student. But this is a way of supporting the students to be less destructive with their anger. The students have come to expect the supervision. Besides, signing a sheet is a lot less intrusive than the alternative.

“Students will earn privileges, not lose them!” Lou Thompson (Following months of therapy.)
Lou KNEW the program would not work. (“Our Conduct Disordered, Assaultive student will blow it off.”)
Laura KNEW the Positive Behavioral Program would prevail. (“Wanna bet?)

One of the challenging aspects to the Harvest Valley Program was constructing a Positive Reward System. The incentive program was based on rewarding the students for positive choices while, holding at the minimum, negative consequences for poor choices.
“One thing unsuccessful students know how to do…is be unsuccessful.”
Pat Peterson: Program Specialist
Lou (Curtis) & Laura (Kathleen) are the fictional characters in our novel

Students were made to own the responsibility of their actions, positive & negative.
1) Students were given a clipboard to track their daily program progress. (Lou, “Yeh Laura, I’ll bet! Wanna see some flying saucers?”)
2) Progress was based
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