Hashtag Activism

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Celia Buckman in the Column, “The limits of Hashtag Activism,” explains, how the use of hashtags in social media can be effective in raising awareness, but how people are not often fully informed of he causes when supporting the cause. Buckman writes a strong article through the use of statistics, a concession and the structure of her column. Throught Buckman’s article she uses logos, statistics to explain how using social media raise awareness more money than without the use of the hashtag. Buckman’s first example is the ALS Ice bucket challenge, she explains that without the use of #icebucketchallange, donations wouldn’t have reached “100 million in one month during the viral challenge, compared with 2.8 M raised last year during the same period (Par 2). Buckman’s use of statistics makes her article strong as, it gives her argument credibility. The use of statistics supports her idea that using “hashtags” works , as the amount donated to ALS, using the hashtag was 7.2 Million or 3,500% more than without the use of the hashtag. Buckman uses a second example of a movement, “BringBackOurGirls.” which was a movement to bring back kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. Buckman’s use of specific dates to explain how a month went by without any real efforts to find the kidnapped girls, but…show more content…
Buckman suggests “If you rep a cause on social media, find out what the next steps could be, and take them (par 7). Buckman mentioning how people should go beyond just using a hashtag allows for readers to be left thinking on how they could help in causes they feel strong for. Instead of the ending her article Buckman encourages people to make more of a difference. Overall Buckman’s structure of her column made it easy for the reader to understand as she introduces her point of view, offers a concession to her viewpoint on the topic and lastly adds a solution to make a bigger impact on
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