Hassan Jan In The Kite Runner

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Hassan Jan is Amir’s best friend, brother and servant. He is one year younger than Amir and was born with a cleft lip. From a young age both Hassan and Amir were inseparable, however Hassan had always proven to be the more honest and courageous out of the two. Hassan is always ready to listen to Amir and defends him when he is attacked, therefore also proving his loyalty within the friendship. His significant traits are bravery, selflessness and intelligence. Although he was illiterate, he still had a fascination for words and stories. As a result of Hassan being a poor ethnic Hazara, he is portrayed as a victim of racism within the novel and is considered an inferior in Afghan society. Nevertheless, Hassan knows his place in the world and…show more content…
As a servant, Hassan learns that it is his duty to sacrifice himself for others, giving him a nature of innocence. Hassan was also considered as one of the best kite runners, hence after Amir had won the tournament he promised him that he would collect the blue kite, stating “for you a thousand times over!” (59). The importance of Amir’s friendship to Hassan was highlighted through this, as Hassan wasn’t just making a promise to collecting a kite, he was making a promise to their friendship. Hassan was always brave and unwaveringly loyal to Amir, especially when Assef threatens him for being friends with a Hazara, so he humiliates Assef by hitting him with his slingshot. Nonetheless, as pay back for this, Assef raped Hassan. This also proved that Amir would never be as loyal to Hassan as he is to Amir, as he just stood by and watched it happen. Hassan accepts the rape because he is resigned to his fate as the betrayed friend and victim of abused power. Although Amir betrayed Hassan, he still wants to maintain the friendship and remains loyal to Amir. Hassan’s ability to suffer without becoming bitter frustrated Amir greatly, often making him feel guilty of his actions. The substantial thing about Hassan was that he remained a truly good and genuine person, even though he had his fair share of hard times. Even years later, after being driven out of the house by Amir and growing up to live his own life, Hassan never thought of holding a grudge against Amir, making him truly admirable. Hassan married a woman named Farzana and they conceived a child together. Hassan named his son ‘Sohrab”, after Amir’s and his favourite book when they were little, highlighting that Amir remained very important to him. Hassan is the character in which we both love and feel sorry for, because it seems as though he gave so much but never received anything in
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