Hassel And Lourey Summary

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Holly Hassel and Jessica Lourey are English professors at their respective universities. In the second paragraph of the essay they posed a question that shapes this essay: “How do we teach our students to be accountable for their educational choices and performances? To answer their hypothesis, they took a survey of one thousand and ninety-five students total. The surveyed included questions about the meaning of each letter grade, perceptions of teacher/ student relationships and how many hours should be spent studying per three credit hour class. Ninety-three percent of students rated themselves responsible, thirty-nine percent of students had missed three or more days of class at the tenth week of the semester. Next, Hassel and Loury report that seventeen percent of learning is contingent on attendance. Fifty- three…show more content…
How can you graduate if you don’t show up and are actively engaged in each class? The purpose of attending college is to further education, that’s why it’s called higher education. By not going to class, one is holding themselves back from their goal. Just go to class, the professors are here to answer all the questions you have. If you feel embarrassed about asking a question, go to their office hours. Secondly, accountability in college is crucial for not flunking out. Accountability is being responsible for yourself and your actions. Freshman year is the time to start establishing personal responsibility you’ll have for the rest of your life. College is the beginning of life, what you do now actually matters. Your professors aren’t here to baby you. It’s your job when you receive the syllabus to write down the dates and remember when something is due because some professors aren’t going to remind you. Pro-tip- keep an agenda. In conclusion, go to class and be accountable for yourself. There are so many resources on campus that can help you in about anything you can
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