Hasty Generalization Of Racism

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The first questionable statement within this article begins at the title; in bold words, it states “[w]hat happens when white men are scared of blacks.” By implying that the reaction of all “white men” will be the same, it sets up a hasty generalization. In addition, the inconsistent classification of people by skin color can be easily seen as offensive: rather than calling “blacks” black men, they are simply referred to as the abbreviate term “blacks.” From the title alone, the author portrays a bias attitude towards his topic; consequently, the suggestive and broad potential of the article entices me to read more despite its fallacies. As the story continues, the term “white man” occurs more frequently than any direct name, indicating that the author wants to maintain the hasty generalization portrayed in the title.…show more content…
For me, I am well aware that there is racism in the United States, however, my limited life experiences have spoiled me from ever properly addressing that issue. The article’s ability to emphasize the harsh realities of racism helped revive my dormant beliefs and lured me to further become inform upon the
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