Hatchet By Gary Paulsen Summary

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Introduction Paragraph: I read a book titles “Hatchet.” This book is written by Gary Paulsen. The genre of it is novel. Its setting is a forest that no people live. There are a boy, a pilot, the boy’s parents in this story. The story is about the boy’s some surviving methods to survive in a nature. The story begins the boy named Brian rides an airplane with only one pilot to meet his father in Canada.

Summary: There is a boy named Brian Robeson. He rides an airplane with only one person, a pilot of it. He goes to Canada to meet his father. However, the pilot suddenly dies while drives the plane. Therefore, Brian drives it by remembering what he watched TV before. Then, the airplane falls into a forest. He gets some hurts in there but he trys really hard to survive in there. Although there are a lot of failure and frustrating, he drinks water of the lake in the forest, collects strawberries and eggs of a turtle, makes fires and arrows and hunts birds, fishes and other things in there. He can do this and survive thanks to a hatchet that his mother gave him before he goes to Canada. Happily, he is rescued by a person and meets his parents again.

Character Details: Main characters are Brian, Brian’s mother, a pilot. Brian is a boy who has parents who get a divorce and a friend named Tery. He is positive because he
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After I read this book, I think that from now on, I should not lose my hopes and should try my best because the main character, Brian can survive by keeping hopes and trying his bests. I would like to recommend this book to who thinks negative, does not try their best and who are lazy. Some people who are similar to this can change their mind that I do not have fortunes and hopes. I believe it is lucky for me to read this book and I want to read this book again and
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