Hatchet Dialectical Journal

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Hatchet Emily Kretschmer I would first move the pilot and see if he is respond and and try to drive the plane while trying wake him up and call 911 with my cell phone and try as best I can to land the plane. Chapter 2-3 what would happen if the Brian was knocked out if he was knocked out would probably die. Chapter 4 the secret is that his mom was dating someone else then his dad. And Brian 's dad found out and got mad so they got a divorce. Chapter 5 he is lucky because he is lucky to be alive and he is unlucky because he does not know were he is and he has no water or no food. Chapter 8 have you ever had a strange dream yes my dream was about me in a candy world it made me feel happy Chapter 9 what is exasperation. Exasperation is
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